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Ipad _3iPad® devices have become increasingly  popular and many enterprise business organizations have begun to adopt these devices as part of their overall corporate I.T. Strategy.  While these devices are certainly very portable, and have many mobile computing capabilities, they are also somewhat fragile and subject to physical  damage!

GEM Services offers enterprise I.T. and service organizations economical service alternatives to the standard OEM service offerings. We also offer these organizations assistance with large scale deployments, software customization, and repair programs that are designed to offer expedited and efficient full lifecycle support for their entire install base.

Ipad _brokenscreenOur enterprise programs are offered for the iPad (1 & 2) and all iPhone® models.  These service offerings are customized to support the corporate I.T. requirements and include :

  • Deployment Services
  • Forward and reverse logistics
  • Software / application loading
  • Installation tracking (user, serial number, part number, location, etc)
  • Wholesale repair pricing

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